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A Baker's Waterproofing Repair Case Study

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A Clairton, PA homeowner was initially experiencing a plumbing leak. They gutted the basement and noticed there was a bowing wall in their foundation. So, they decided to give Baker’s Waterproofing a call to set up a free inspection.

Our certified inspector, Jon, inspected the home and found the wall was slightly bowing 3/4 of an inch and there was some moisture on the walls.

After his inspection, Jon asked the customers what their plans were after this job was complete. They let him know that they wanted to finish the basement. He let the homeowners know their options and suggested that they should talk it over and think about getting all the work done at once.

While Jon stepped outside to get some materials, the homeowners talked about their options and when Jon came back in they decided to go with the whole project!


Our crew installed 4 of our CarbonArmor fiber straps to stabilize the foundation from any further movement.

We also installed 33 feet of our below-floor WaterGuard drain system to control the water that was coming in. Along with a TripleSafe sump pump to drain the water from out of the home. This pump includes 2 pumps, one Zoeller pump, and one UltraSump battery backup. This will be helpful if the homeowner isn’t home, and they lose power; our battery-backup will kick on and help drain the water from your home.

On the exterior of the home, we installed 35 feet of our LawnScape underground downspout extensions to drain and push the water away from the home.

They will now be able to have a finished basement without the worry of having water coming in!

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