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5 Ways to Repair Your Basement Foundation

crew installing basement foundation repair solutions

Are you sure your basement is on solid ground? Do you see cracks in the walls or floor? If so, your home could benefit from lasting basement foundation repair methods.

These issues are dangerous for your home and family—things you shouldn’t want to risk jeopardizing their well-being. Repair them now before it’s too late.

Trust experienced local professionals like Baker’s Waterproofing to give your home the attention it deserves. With nearly 50 years of experience, we understand every home presents its own set of challenges. We customize solutions to meet your needs and budget.

The key takeaway: Keep a watchful eye on basement problems and contact the experts for lasting repair and protection.

Signs of Basement Foundation Damage

cracking and bowing basement wall

While basement moisture issues like elevated humidity and mold growth can easily go unnoticed, problems with your foundation are typically visible. Keep an eye out for these common symptoms:

What Causes Basement Foundation Damage?

Different forces can result in damage, including foundation settlement, foundation heave, and hydrostatic pressure. Each originates from the soil beneath and surrounding your home.

The primary culprit often lies with expansive clay soil, which is highly reactive to changes in moisture and precipitation levels. This soil type swells and shrinks in response to these moisture variations, frequently exerting significant pressure on your foundation and walls.

Cracks can emerge when this pressure exceeds what your home’s structure can support or when there’s inadequate support in place.

5 Basement Foundation Repair Methods: Our Trusted Solutions

Basements are unique because of their underground location, so they require specifically designed repair solutions. They also deserve tailored solutions, like the ones Baker’s Waterproofing crews install.

After completing a free inspection of your home, we’ll recommend the following:

installing carbon fiber on a basement wall

1. Carbon Fiber Wall Stabilization

For basements exhibiting minor cracking or inward bowing of less than two inches, we implement carbon fiber reinforcement straps along the inner wall surface. Additionally, any visible cracks can be filled and sealed.

These slender yet incredibly strong straps are engineered to permanently reinforce and halt further inward movement of foundation walls, ensuring they remain securely in place. However, they’re not designed to straighten or revert bowing walls to their original positions.

IntelliBraceâ„¢ beams installed on basement wall

2. IntelliBrace™ Wall Repair System

Our advanced IntelliBrace™ system supports walls experiencing greater cracking and movement. It employs galvanized steel beams positioned flush against the affected walls using a special floor bracket anchoring technique.

Unlike typical I-beams, IntelliBrace™ beams are uniquely adjustable and corrosion-resistant. This system not only stops further displacement immediately upon installation but also offers the chance to incrementally realign walls and reduce cracking through systematic tightening.

wall anchor installed on basement wall

3. Wall Anchors

Our wall anchor system also provides substantial lateral support for severe foundation wall failures characterized by large cracks and movement exceeding two inches. However, it requires exterior access at least 10 feet away from the affected walls.

This system features interior plates linked to subterranean anchors in stable soil layers via steel rods. Tightening these rods activates the anchor system, counteracting wall bowing and initiating the corrective process to potentially straighten compromised walls.

channel anchor installed on basement wall

4. Channel Anchors

Channel anchors offer a targeted remedy for basement walls that show signs of shearing or base-level displacement.

Merging elements of the IntelliBrace™ and wall anchor technologies, channel anchors connect to deep earth anchors via interior brackets mounted to the wall and on the floor, securing and supporting shearing walls.

This system also permits future adjustments to progressively realign the walls over time.

crew installing push piers

5. Foundation Piers

While the previous solutions are specially designed for basement walls, we also offer foundation-specific solutions: foundation piers.

Depending on the specific conditions of your foundation and the severity of the damage, we utilize one of three pier types—helical, push, or slab. Slab piers, in particular, can help address a cracking and uneven basement floor.

These underpinning solutions not only permanently secure your settling foundation but may also elevate it, potentially aiding in the repair of foundation cracks.

Reminder: While these solutions—with the exception of carbon fiber straps—can potentially repair your basement’s foundation walls or floor, there is no guarantee. However, they offer permanent stabilization and protection.

How to Prevent Basement Foundation Damage

Protecting your home’s foundation from damage is key to its longevity and stability. Consider these preventative measures to keep your foundation secure:

  • Exterior Water Management: Utilize correct grading, along with functional gutters and downspouts, to ensure water flows away from the foundation.
  • Interior Moisture Management: Invest in basement waterproofing solutions like interior drainage, a sump pump, a wall vapor barrier, and a dehumidifier.
  • Regular Professional Evaluations: Schedule routine inspections and annual maintenance checkups with a foundation expert to detect and address any emerging problems before they become serious.


While minor damage, such as superficial wall cracks, might not immediately threaten your home’s safety, it’s important to address any basement problems promptly. Early professional intervention can prevent escalation, eliminating potential safety risks and reducing the need for more extensive, costly future repairs.

We do not recommend attempting DIY basement repairs. These issues often involve complexities that require professional insight and tools for a permanent solution rather than a short-term fix. For comprehensive and durable repairs, reach out to our team for a free inspection and a no-obligation quote.

The cost associated with basement repairs can vary widely. They depend on factors like the damage’s scope, nature, location, the repair methods employed, and necessary permits. Our experts at Baker’s Waterproofing provide free inspections, giving you a clear breakdown of costs and discussing available financing options to suit your budget.

Get the Best Repairs from Baker’s Waterproofing Today!

Your basement is a crucial part of your home’s overall structure and health. Neglecting any damage not only risks further deterioration but can also affect your home’s integrity and your family’s well-being. This is where Baker’s Waterproofing comes into play.

Boasting nearly five decades of experience, we offer free inspections and comprehensive basement repair solutions designed to effectively address both minor and major issues. Contact us now to begin the journey to a secure and healthy basement foundation!

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