An Employee’s Basement Waterproofing Project

A Baker's Waterproofing Repair Case Study

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One of our certified experts, Tom McKee, and his family began experiencing a damp basement in February 2018.

For the next few months, heavy rains led to streams of water leaking into their finished basement. The dampness ruined their walls and flooring. And it led to a musty, unpleasant smell in their home.

Tom and his family plan to refinish their basement. The first step towards that was to repair the wet basement with the right solution installed by Baker’s Waterproofing. Tom designed the solution himself and even helped with the installation process.


Theron and his co-foreman Brian successfully installed our long-lasting basement waterproofing solution in only one day.

Tom helped break up some of the tile flooring to dig a small perimeter trench and sump hole. The crew placed 64 feet of our customized drainage system alongside the foundation footing. This included both our WaterGuard drain and None drain. Theron installed 2 inspection ports with the drain, so our service technicians can easily maintain the system at annual check-ups.

Our below-floor drainage system was tied into our TripleSafe sump pump system located at a low-lying spot near the laundry area. Three pumps (including our battery-powered UltraSump) eject water from the basement to the outside of the home through 2 discharge lines. These lines were tied into Tom’s existing gutter downspout.

Theron and Brian improved the look and feel of the basement with 61 feet of our bright, white CleanSpace vapor barrier. CleanSpace easily attached to the walls to help prevent water, water vapor, and humidity from passing through. This durable wall system leads water down into the drainage system below. And it provides the opportunity for Tom to refinish the basement walls.

Now, Tom and his family have a dry, usable, and more pleasant basement.

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