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A Wet Basement Turns into Dry Space for Future Refinishing in Monroeville, PA

Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: A Wet Basement Turns into Dry Space for Future Refinishing in Monroeville, PA

Thursday, January 30th, 2020by Mallory FinchBefore (Porous concrete with water entry at the floor-wall joint.)After (Unique drain system at water’s main entry point with 1 easy-access port.)We installed 36 feet of the underground sump pump line for water to remain far away from the home’s foundation.ChallengeA homeowner in Monroeville called Baker’s Waterproofing after dealing with continuous basement water. These water problems ruined her floor and soaked the carpeting.Our certified advisor, Kevin, met with the homeowner. She had a leakage problem for about 2 years prior. She has been putting money aside in order to invest in a long-lasting solution for her home.The main point of entry where Kevin identified water seepage is along the front foundation wall. He also saw physical evidence of stains from water damage.In the future, the homeowner wants to refinish her main basement area. She wanted to waterproof the foundation beforehand.Kevin designed her custom waterproofing solution and gave her the estimate that same day.SolutionThe homeowner scheduled the waterproofing project and prepared the work area.She moved stored items away from the walls and removed a small portion of the finished walls and stair treads in order for us to install the system. (We replaced the stair treads to the best of our ability upon project completion.)Our crew, led by Rich, arrived at the Monroeville property and started work immediately after speaking with the homeowner.Rich and his crew dug a small perimeter trench about 65 feet along the perimeter of the basement. In the low-lying corner of the room, we dug a small sump hole.Our unique WaterGuard below-floor drain with clean gravel was carefully placed in the perimeter trench at the floor-wall joint and connected to our airtight TripleSafe sump pump in the corner of the basement. Our sump system includes 1 battery-powered UltraSump pump to keep water out of the basement in the rare event of a primary pump failure or power outage.The sump pump discharge line extends to the exterior of the foundation with 1 IceGuard fitting to provide an emergency exit for water if ever needed. This discharge line extended underground about 36 feet away from the home. At the end of this line, water surfaces through a grated LawnScape outlet in the yard.Once the system was flood-tested, Rich and his crew hand-mixed and hand-poured new concrete to lay over top the drain and sump system.Lastly, the work areas were cleaned up.Now, this basement is a dry and more pleasant living area that the homeowner can refinish once the concrete cures (typically takes a few weeks).  About the authorMallory is the Marketing Manager. She is responsible for creating educational content to help homeowners identify potential water, foundation, or concrete problems.Related Content.template_5397 .widget_items {padding:0 12px;}Before & After Photos: A Wet Basement Turns into Dry Space for Future Refinishing in Monroeville, PABack to Previous PageBack to Case Studies

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