Structural & Foundation Repair Services In Greater Pittsburgh

At Baker's Waterproofing, we have the products and professionally trained foundation contractors in-house that you need to permanently solve your foundation issues. Each of our contractors specializes in foundation repair solutions -- it's what we do every day!

We'd like to show you how we can solve your foundation issues once and for all. To help you decide, we provide each of our customers with a no-obligation free foundation repair quote.

Our free quotes come in writing and are prepared following an on-site inspection and personal consultation. We'll also provide you with a free copy of our foundation repair book

Our Warrantied Foundation Services

We offer all of the following foundation repair services throughout our Western PA, Northern West Virginia, and Eastern Ohio service area:

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The Cost Of Foundation Repair

Each home has a unique problem that needs a customized solution. Our experts can meet with you for free to discuss what we'd recommend -- and how much that repair may cost.

More about foundation repair costs.

Repair Or Replace The Foundation?

When a home foundation is damaged, things can look much worse than they actually are. In that light, it may seem like the foundation is beyond repair.

However, in most cases, the solution is NOT to demolish the old foundation and build a new one in its place. While we agree that it's wise to take every foundation problem seriously, it's important to bear in mind that most foundation issues have simple, permanent repair solutions.

Replacing your foundation is an expensive, time-consuming process. It involves excavating the entire perimeter of the house, placing the structure and temporary supports, building a new wall, and filling the perimeter back in.

The worst part is that this solution doesn't really address the original source of the problems-- the soils around your home!

Foundations old and new can experience damage from expansive soils, settlement, frost, and other forces. That's why we at Baker's Waterproofing prefer to address problems without rebuilding -- using warrantied, permanent solutions.

More about Repairing Vs. Replacing A Foundation.

Before and After
  • Foundation Repair in Davidsville, PA
    Foundation Repair in Davidsville, PA

    A homeowner in the Davidsville area was experiencing a bowed wall under his front porch. The wall bowed 3/4 of an inch and developed a horizontal crack along the foundation.

    We attached 5 CarbonArmor straps onto the length of the wall with strong epoxy resin. This non-invasive CarbonArmor installation immediately stabilized the wall from any further inward movement.

    The homeowner was excited that he no longer has to worry about the wall moving or causing serious foundation damage. Also, he was very happy with the crew that came out and gave Baker's Waterproofing a great Google review!

  • Carbon Fiber Straps Repair a Bowing Wall in Davidsville, PA
    Carbon Fiber Straps Repair a Bowing Wall in Davidsville, PA

    A homeowner in Davidsville, PA noticed a bowing wall with a large horizontal crack. After his in-depth research, he knew he wanted to stabilize the wall with carbon fiber straps, so it would not get worse over time.

    David Cain and his crew quickly installed our CarbonArmor straps and ArmorLock brackets. With these 2 solutions combined, we successfully reinforced this foundation wall and secured it to the home's framing.

  • Wall Repair in Stahlstown, PA
    Wall Repair in Stahlstown, PA

    A house in Stahlstown, PA was experiencing severely bowed and cracked garage walls.

    Our Geo-Lock wall anchor system and Geo-Lock channel anchor system immediately and permanently stabilized the structure.

  • Garage Foundation Repair in Connellsville, PA
    Garage Foundation Repair in Connellsville, PA

    A Connellsville, PA garage was severely in need of foundation repair. Two of the walls contained large horizontal cracks and were bowing 3 inches in the worst area. Homeowner Joe called Baker’s in fear of the wall potentially collapsing altogether. We stabilized the wall by applying 8 vertical steel beams called PowerBraces to each side.

  • Wall Anchor Installation in Homer City PA
    Wall Anchor Installation in Homer City PA

    In Homer City a homeowner had a bowing wall in his garage that needed to be stabilized. Baker’s repaired the foundation with the installation of 5 Geo-Lock wall anchors along the 28 ft. wall. The system puts equal force on the foundation to prevent further inward movement by anchoring earth plates in the ground of the exterior yard to wall plates along the foundation (seen in photo).

We Can Fix Your Foundation Or Structural Problem!

At Baker's Waterproofing, we're here to fix your foundation problem -- no matter what it is. We have the specialized equipment, products, and professional experience you need to make permanent foundation repairs.

To get you started on the right foot, we'd like to provide you with a free foundation repair quote. We'll introduce you to one of our foundation specialists, who can answer any questions you have and explain how we can permanently restore value and structural stability to your home.

Call or e-mail us today to schedule your free quote! We proudly serve Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Clarksburg, areas nearby such as Wheeling, Beaver, Bethel Park, Fairmont, Cranberry Township, Greensburg, Washington, and the surrounding areas.

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