Foundation Settlement Repair Photo Album: Repairing a Sinking Foundation Pittsburgh PA

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A multi-level house located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania was experiencing foundation settlement. In other words along the right, left and front side of the foundation seemed to be sinking into the ground. Foundation settlement is usually caused by expanding and contracting soil located in the ground. Homeowner Ed noticed this problem and called Baker’s for a stabilization method to repairing his sinking foundation.

Certified inspector Tom Eckersley had the entire perimeter of the house excavated, this included under a back patio and deck to give access to the home’s footer. He then placed, along the left, right, and front exterior walls, brackets so to hydraulically drive 25 evenly spaced Push Piers deep into the soil. By driving these steel piers into more load bearing soil transfers the weight of the home onto the piers, stabilizing the home in place.

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