Foundation Settlement Repair Photo Album: A Settling Sarver Foundation is Now Permanently Stabilized

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A homeowner from Sarver, PA noticed that his foundation was settling. First, he tried filling in the cracks with mortar, but after a couple years he realized that the mortar did not solve the true cause of the problem. That was when he called Baker's Waterproofing to find the right fix.

Our tenured certified expert, Chris, inspected the inside and outside of this homeowner's cracked foundation. Chris measured a 3-inch settlement and identified cracks in the exterior brick and interior drywall.

At the time of the inspection, the homeowner was not financially ready to start this major project. A couple years later, we reviewed the project proposal and he moved forward with the repairs.

Baker's Waterproofing successfully put this Sarver home back on solid ground with our patented Push Pier system.

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