Expanding and Contracting Slabs

Identifying Issues Related to Concrete Slab Movement

If you suspect that your home may have been damaged by concrete slabs pushing against each other, sometimes referred to as street creep, or that it has any other foundation problem, we're the contractors for you. At Baker's Waterproofing, we specialize in repairing structural issues of all types, and we have warrantied concrete solutions that will permanently solve your problem.

Concrete that lacks sufficient expansion joints will move and crack. We have solutions that will relieve slab-to-slab pressure, slab-to-foundation pressure, and slab cracking caused by failing expansion joints.

We provide free, no-obligation foundation repair quotes throughout our Western PA, Northern West Virginia, and Eastern Ohio service area, including Clarksburg, Morgantown, Pittsburgh, the surrounding areas of Wheeling, Beaver, Bethel Park, Fairmont, Cranberry Township, Greensburg, Washington, and nearby. Call or e-mail us today to schedule an appointment!

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What Causes Slab Collision?

Diagram of the three primary causes of street creep in Fairmont

Here are three common conditions where street creep can cause foundation damage.

Street creep is a common foundation problem that's caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of concrete streets and pavement surrounding a home.

Like many materials, concrete expands when it's hot and contracts when it's cold. Contractors place expansion joints in sidewalks, driveways and other exterior slabs so that temperature-induced expansion and contraction won't cause a slab to crack.

Expansion joints divide a large expanse of concrete into individual slabs that can expand and contract independently. Temperature fluctuations throughout the seasons will cause these joints to widen in the colder months and narrow during hot weather.

Concrete problems start to become an issue during the cold winter months when the widened joints become filled with materials like sand or gravel.

As temperatures rise again during warmer weather, the concrete expands. But if joints have filled with sand and gravel, they can no longer absorb this movement. Instead, one slab will push against another.

Once they're filled with debris, expansion joints can no longer do their job. The entire expanse of concrete expands as a single unit, causing the street to "creep." Street creep exerts tremendous pressure at the edge of the concrete, where a driveway meets a garage slab or a house foundation wall.

Damage from expanding and contracting concrete slabs is a slow process. However, over time, the movement will add up to several inches, which will mean potentially serious damage to your foundation.

Telltale Signs Of Slab Collision Damage

Concrete issues can be detected by these 4 common signs:

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Driveway in contact with the foundation leading to street creep damage inward movement of foundation walls due to street creep damage Garage slab pushed rearward creating gaps Basement or foundation walls pushed out by garage slab

Fortunately, there are easy, effective ways to prevent street creep damage. If you would like a free foundation repair quote for your problem, call or e-mail us today!

Prevent Concrete Expansion Problems with CompressionGuard

To prevent further concrete compression, we install CompressionGuard. This effective system is designed to reduce the pressure of slabs pushing against each other or against a foundation, acting as a permanent shock absorber for your driveway or concrete slab.

Once your concrete is protected then street creep, uneven slabs, cracks, and other signs of damage will be a thing of the past!

Prevent concrete expansion problems with CompressionGuard

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inward movement of foundation walls due to street creep damage Garage slab pushed rearward creating gaps

We Do Concrete Expansion Joint Replacement In PA, WV & OH!

At Baker's Waterproofing, we have warrantied solutions for preventing street creep damage to your foundation. To help you decide if our solutions are right for you, we offer free written repair quotes throughout our PA, WV & OH service area.

We serve the Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Clarksburg, area, nearby areas such as Wheeling, Beaver, Bethel Park, Fairmont, Cranberry Township, Greensburg, Washington, and the surrounding regions. To schedule an appointment, contact us by phone or e-mail today!

Compressed Expansion Joints

The existing expansion joint between the driveway and garage is fully compressed.

Even when the joint appears wide enough at the surface, the concrete may still be in contact underneath. This means that when the street expands with heat, your driveway is being pushed into the rest of your home.

street creep symptoms in a driveway in Gibsonia

Garage Wall Damage

The foundation walls on either side of the garage door are being pushed inwards by the driveway slab.

This is a sign that when the concrete pavement expanded and lengthened, pushing into the concrete driveway, there was insufficient compression space within the expansion joints. The only place for the driveway slab to go was through your garage walls.

garage walls cracking due to street creep

Gaps Behind The Foundation Walls

Gaps have formed behind the foundation walls on either side of the garage door as the garage slab is pushed rearward.

Installing new expansion joints in the driveway and installing wall anchors will restore your foundation walls to structural stability.

foundation wall cracks due to street creep in Latrobe

Foundation Damage

Basement walls or foundation walls are pushed out by the garage slab.

At this stage, the damage caused by street creep has lead to a potentially serious foundation issue. It's important to address this soon -- before the damage becomes any more significant.

inward rotation of a foundation wall damaged by street creep in a garage in Greensburg

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