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Foundation Repair in Davidsville, PA

A homeowner in the Davidsville area was experiencing a bowed wall under his front porch. The wall bowed 3/4 of an inch and developed a horizontal crack along the foundation.

We attached 5 CarbonArmor straps onto the length of the wall with strong epoxy resin. This non-invasive CarbonArmor installation immediately stabilized the wall from any further inward movement.

The homeowner was excited that he no longer has to worry about the wall moving or causing serious foundation damage. Also, he was very happy with the crew that came out and gave Baker's Waterproofing a great Google review!

Carbon Fiber Straps Repair a Bowing Wall in Davidsville, PA

A homeowner in Davidsville, PA noticed a bowing wall with a large horizontal crack. After his in-depth research, he knew he wanted to stabilize the wall with carbon fiber straps, so it would not get worse over time.

David Cain and his crew quickly installed our CarbonArmor straps and ArmorLock brackets. With these 2 solutions combined, we successfully reinforced this foundation wall and secured it to the home's framing.

Basement Foundation Repair in Champion, PA

Baker’s repaired the basement wall in Champion, PA with GeoLock wall anchors. GeoLock is our most recommended wall stabilization method that also creates the possibility straightening the bow. Our anchors can be installed year round, and come with a 25 year manufactures warranty.

Wall Repair in Stahlstown, PA

A house in Stahlstown, PA was experiencing severely bowed and cracked garage walls.

Our Geo-Lock wall anchor system and Geo-Lock channel anchor system immediately and permanently stabilized the structure.

Bowed Wall Repair in White, PA

A homeowner in White, PA noticed cracked and bowing walls in his basement shortly after he moved in. One wall was bowing four inches, so he called Baker's Waterproofing.

Our crew, led by David Cain, arrived in White and installed 5 Geo-Lock wall anchors in one day.

The homeowner can now sell his home without the stress of unstable basement walls.

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