Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Unstable, Flooded Crawl Space Repair in Holbrook, PA

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018 by Mallory Finch


A 1368 square foot crawl space had major groundwater issues for years. The homeowner once found 2 feet of standing water all over the crawl space floor. She attempted to get this fixed, but a previous contractor installed a thin plastic liner and dehumidifier that did not last. The system began to fail, so the homeowner called Baker's Waterproofing for a free estimate.

Our Certified Waterproofing Specialist, Bob Massaro, arrived at the house to inspect the inside and outside of the crawl space. This house is located at the bottom of a valley and gives groundwater easy-access up through the dirt floor. Bob designed a custom solution that included our durable CleanSpace liner, high-performance SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier, and drainage and sump pump system to control water. In addition to the water issue, the first floor above the crawl space was slopping and sagging. Our specialist included the SmartJack supplemental support system in the proposal.

The homeowner trusted our long-lasting solution and hired Baker's for the crawl space repair project.


Our crew, led by Foreman Ken Kahlbaugh, arrived at the house to begin the installation. Ken and his crew got rid of the standing water and failing liner. Then, they sprayed our Mold-X2 cleaner on the floor support system. The crew controlled crawl space moisture by placing our dimpled CleanSpace drainage matting directly on the dirt floor with our thick, durable liner over top of it. The liner was installed in conjunction with our wall and floor insulation.

The previous contractor did not install a system to control water. Our crew installed 162 feet of drainage piping around the full perimeter of the room. The drain and encapsulation system will lead crawl space moisture into our reliable sump pump system. Ken and his crew sealed off all 6 crawl space vents to prevent freezing/humid outside air from entering the home. Our energy-efficient dehumidifier was included in the waterproofing solution to keep the crawl space air dry and healthy for this family.

The crew stabilized the floor support system by installing supplemental beams and 10 SmartJacks. The crew successfully leveled the first floor of the home, then wrapped our liner around the bottom of each SmartJack post.

This variety of patented waterproofing and structural products successfully stabilized the crawl space structure and improved the quality of life for this family.

About the author
Mallory is the Marketing Manager. She is responsible for creating educational content to help homeowners identify potential water, foundation, or concrete problems.

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