Concrete Expansion Joints in Greater Pittsburgh

Providing durable buffer for naturally expanding concrete in PA, WV & OH

Compression Guards Prevent Slab Collision in Western PA, Northern West Virginia, and Eastern Ohio

CompressionGuard absorbs the pressure created by expanding and contracting concrete slabs. Click the image to enlarge.

As continuous force from roads and driveways push concrete slabs together, tremendous pressure causes driveways or garage floors to crack. This slab collision also causes damage to the home's foundation.

The CompressionGuard System from Baker's Waterproofing prevents slab collision by absorbing the pressure of concrete movement, therefore minimizing cracking and foundation damage. To schedule a free estimate on our concrete expansion joints, call 1-724-246-6716 or click below in Pittsburgh, Morgantown, Clarksburg, & nearby today!

About the CompressionGuard System

Slab Collision Prevention with Compression Guards PA, WV & OH

CompressionGuard is expertly fitted and installed by the specialists at Baker's Waterproofing. Click the image to enlarge.

At Baker's Waterproofing, we recommend the CompressionGuard System to prevent foundation cracks and damage caused by slab-to-slab or slab-to-foundation pressure.

CompressionGuard is a 4''x4'' engineered thermoplastic expansion joint that is placed in the concrete joint between slabs. Once installed, this system protects the slabs from damage as they naturally contract and expand during temperature fluctuations.

This exclusive Supportworks designed system is currently being used by hundreds of foundation contractors across the United States and Canada. Our system exceeds the capabilities of traditional asphalt-infused fiberboard, which is commonly found in concrete driveways. The CompressionGuard System is also compatible with PolyLevel concrete leveling projects.

Installing the CompressionGuard System

  1. Determine a design location: The CompressionGuard System must be installed at the same location as an existing concrete seam or joint. There may be a few options, so the Foreman will determine the installation location with the homeowner.
  2. Cut a trench in the driveway: The crew measures a portion of concrete to remove, then cuts a small trench at a specified location in order to make space for the product.
  3. Cut the CompressionGuard to size: The product comes in 10-ft sections that can fit any length. The concrete slab is measured, then the product is cut to size and fused together to ensure a successful bond.
  4. Place CompressionGuard in the trench: Specific tools are used to fit the product into the trench along the length of the driveway. There is minimal disruption to existing concrete throughout the installation.
  5. Clean the work area: Once the crew assures that the system is installed level with the concrete, they then clean up the work area.

Prevent slab collision with the CompressionGuard System

Street Creep Repair & Foundation Repair in Western PA, Northern West Virginia, and Eastern Ohio

Baker's Waterproofing offers no-cost foundation repair estimates on our CompressionGuard System. Click the image to enlarge.

The foundation experts at Baker's Waterproofing know exactly what your home needs to prevent foundation damage from slab collision. Our CompressionGuard System acts as a permanent shock absorber, providing a durable buffer for naturally expanding concrete.

To learn more about our CompressionGuard System or to schedule a free foundation repair quote in Pittsburgh, Morgantown, Clarksburg, Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Clarksburg, and nearby in Western PA, Northern West Virginia, and Eastern Ohio, call 1-724-246-6716 or click below today!

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