Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Partial Waterproofing System in Pittsburgh, PA

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018 by Mallory Finch


A homeowner attended the Monroeville Home Show in January 2018. At the home show, he explained the problems in his home to our Certified Waterproofing Specialist, Mark McCullough. He explained that he had water in his basement and wanted to look at a few different options. Within a week, Mark visited the property to complete a free inspection. However, we needed to accommodate to the homeowner's expectations on the cost of the project.

Mark created a specially-designed waterproofing system that worked within the homeowner's budget. Mark proposed our drainage system with 1 inspection port, sump pump system with a battery backup, anti-freeze discharge line system, and underground discharge extension with a grated outlet. Mark ensured that our Foreman knows to direct the underground piping at a certain angle to follow the natural slope of the property.

The homeowner was happy with our custom solution and hired Baker's Waterproofing to complete the project in their home.



One month later, our crew arrived at the property with all the necessary products and tools to do the work. They began installation of our unique WaterGuard drain by digging a small perimeter trench along 20 feet of the basement floor. They dug a sump pit in one corner just large enough to fit our TripleSafe sump pump system. The crew removed all debris from the home while they worked.

Theron Block and his crew placed these systems in the trench and pit along with some gravel. Then, they connected the systems and backfilled with more clean gravel. They ran the discharge pipe from the inside of the airtight sump pump to the home's exterior. The exterior pipe included our IceGuard anti-freeze system. IceGuard is a great addition that gives basement water an emergency exit. The pipe continues underground along the slope of the yard and ends at the grated LawnScape outlet.

The crew flood tested the system to check that it will run smoothly. Then, they hand-poured new concrete over the entire system, leaving the drain's wall flange, inspection port, and TripleSafe cover exposed.

Our patented products works together to control the flow of water that enters through the foundation. Then, water is pumped out of the basement and far away from the home. The anti-freeze discharge system and battery backup pump are great products that add extra protection against basement flooding.

About the author
Mallory is the Marketing Manager. She is responsible for creating educational content to help homeowners identify potential water, foundation, or concrete problems.

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