Stop Concrete Roof Deck Leaks

Elastomeric Concrete deck coating by Baker's WaterproofingConcrete roof decks are often used over block-built or poured concrete garages and for balconies. In modern houses, they may be used directly over living areas. Because concrete is not waterproof and is susceptible to fine cracks, leaks may develop to the spaces below.

Water, if ignored, will lead to all sorts of problems, from cosmetic staining of stucco to rot and corrosion of structural members. Persistent leakage can even weaken the rebar inside the concrete slab.

Baker's Waterproofing can stop leaks through concrete slabs with its elastomeric roof coating system. It consists of a cold-applied basecoat and topcoat that creates a waterproof barrier. Our elastomeric coating comes in two formulations, one for vehicular traffic and one for pedestrian traffic. The coatings will also protect concrete from the damaging effects of water, deicing salts, chemicals, gasoline, oils, and antifreeze.

Before and After
  • Concrete Patio Repair in Philippi WV
    Concrete Patio Repair in Philippi WV

    This homeowner did not like the look of their slab patio, so Service Advisor Mike Felt suggested having our ElastoMeric coating be applied. The coating is primarily used as a sealant to prevent water from seeping down into the basement. It also greatly improves the overall look by repairing any discoloration or stains.

  • Waterproofing a Porch in Irwin PA
    Waterproofing a Porch in Irwin PA

    These photos show the before and after of a concrete slab porch in Irwin PA that was leaking water into the basement area below. We protected the porch by applying our patented ElastoMeric coating. This coating is a cold-applied traffic deck coating system that is specifically designed for waterproofing concrete slabs and protecting occupied areas underneath from water damage.

  • Porch Sealant in Monessen, PA
    Porch Sealant in Monessen, PA

    In Monessen, PA, a basement had excessive dampness along the ceiling and foundation walls. The homeowners were concerned about their home, so they decided to call us for help!

    Upon inspection, Service Advisor Mike Felt determined the leak was due to the carpet-covered porch above was leaking water below. To fix this problem, we applied our ElastoMeric coating to the porch as a waterproof sealant. 

    The homeowners are now no longer worried about their damp basement. 

  • Porch Waterproofing in North Versailles PA
    Porch Waterproofing in North Versailles PA

    Kathy of North Versailles was having water enter her garage from the front porch of her home. Service Advisor Joshua Emery had our ElastoMeric coating applied to the porch. The coating comes with a basecoat and topcoat to waterproof the porch that can be purchasd in either Vehicular or Pedestrian traffic forms. Once applied Kathy no longer had any water related problems in her home.

  • Porch Sealant in Jefferson Hills PA
    Porch Sealant in Jefferson Hills PA

    In Jefferson Hills PA a concrete slab porch was leaking water into the basement area below through the ceiling. Baker’s applied an ElastoMeric coating to the porch to seal from water.

  • Fixed Wet Basement Area by Stopping Concrete Porch Leaks in Pittsburgh, PA
    Fixed Wet Basement Area by Stopping Concrete Porch Leaks in Pittsburgh, PA

    A Pittsburgh homeowner called Baker's Waterproofing with concern for the damp room in his basement. His concrete porch is located directly above this damp room. Over time, cracks developed in the porous concrete, which led leaks to develop into the spaces below.

    Baker's fixed this issue by addressing the leaking porch and attaching our CleanSpace vapor barrier onto the damp walls for added protection. Our crew installed our Elastomeric concrete coating to prevent water leakage. Now, the porch and basement are protected and the home's appearance has greatly improved.

Professional Elastomeric Concrete deck coating in Western PA, Northern West Virginia, and Eastern Ohio

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We serve the Greater Pittsburgh area, including surrounding areas such as Bethel Park, Greensburg, Washington and nearby.

Elastomeric concrete deck coatings are warrantied to prevent water leakage from the coated areas for five years. Leakage from uncoated areas is not covered under this warranty. Baker's Waterproofing cannot guarantee an exact color match to samples but does its best to come as close as possible. Customers must agree to use reasonable care to avoid damaging the elastomeric coating.

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