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Keep Your Waterproofing and Wall Anchor Systems Healthy

Regular annual maintenance can significantly enhance the life of your system and prevent future emergencies.

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  • Sump Pump

  • Dehumidifier

  • Wall Anchors

Service Your Sump Pump

Let us find any problems before they find you. Dirt and sediment build-up in a sump pump liner can cause pump failure, resulting in a flooded system. Additionally, it is necessary to test our battery back-up pump to make sure it is holding a proper charge. Your sump pump is an electro-mechanical device that needs to be maintained just like your car. Neglecting to get your pump serviced can result in water in your basement. Even with a generator, a dead pump or blocked discharge line will do you no good. Even our battery back-up pump system needs to be run tested and have the batteries checked.

Service details:

Sump Pump Maintenance Details

  • Check pump operation - float switch, intake, check valve, and impeller
  • Clean sump liner of silt and sediment
  • Change the batteries in your WaterWatch® alarm (should be done annually)
  • Check the discharge line for potential problems
  • Inspect basement or crawl space for signs of problems and suggest/implement solutions
  • Check the CleanSpace® liner, if applicable
  • Provide any recommendations as needed
  • The cost of the service is only $129*. (Each additional pump, battery backup pump and/or SaniDry service is $25 extra.) Any additional parts or services, if needed, will be an extra cost with your approval.

Service Your Dehumidifier

Our SaniDry dehumidifiers are high performance machines that should be serviced annually. This will protect your investment and keep the system working properly and efficiently! Depending on how often your SaniDry runs, we recommend changing the filters at least twice a year.

Service details:

SaniDry Maintenance Details

  • Use Humidistat sensor to check humidity levels.
  • Verify proper flow of discharge has been maintained.
  • Change filter to new duet carbon filter
  • Check the discharge line for potential problems
  • Adjust controls as necessary to ensure proper humidity levels.
  • The cost of this service is only $95*. (Each filter costs $27 extra.)

Service Your Wall Anchors

Our anchors are warranted to prevent any further inward movement of the wall in the treated areas. Even so, we recommend having the anchors serviced annually to ensure that your biggest investment is protected.

Service details:

Anchor Maintenance Details

  • Benchmark walls to monitor progress
  • Evaluate wall anchor plates for rods that need to be re-waxed
  • Re-tighten all anchors (should be done at least once per year)
  • Review anchor tightening procedures.
  • Remove excess anchor rod (cut anchors rods flush with wall)
  • Perform inspection of foundation and yard to prevent further damage.
  • The cost for this service is only $95 for the first four anchors and $8 for each additional anchor. 

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