Testimonials for Baker's Waterproofing

Keith explains why he chose Baker’s Waterproofing over other companies in the area to fix his leaking foundation.
Keith S. of Hopwood, PA
Tuesday, June 13th
The building owned by Joe W. in Morgantown, WV was having foundation settlement issues due to underground water problems. The middle part of the building had sunk up to 3 inches in some areas. Joe called some local engineers who recommended Baker's Waterproofing to fix the problem by installing push piers. In this video, Joe talks about the service provided by the company and the results. " Once we finally got all the piers in and got everything working, we were able to raise the building back up 3.5 inches", says Joe.
Joe W. of Morgantown, WV
Thursday, December 6th
Kirk H. from Morgantown, WV had tried every DIY approach to keep water from seeping into his basement, including painting the walls with waterproofing sealant. Nothing worked. Then a friend of his who is also a realtor recommended Baker's Waterproofing. In this video, Kirk talks about the service provided by Baker's and the results. "The system is really good. The biggest thing is that even though we had some big rainstorms, it's been dry in the basement," says Kirk.
Kirk H. of Morgantown, WV
Monday, October 21st
The Indiana, PA house that's been home to John A. and his family since 1957 has always had a damp basement. Basement water problems eventually turned into basement flooding episodes and led to structural foundation issues.  John decided to look for help and had the first company who came out to give him an estimate didn't really impress him. They didn't seem to have solutions to address all the problems he had. His father in law suggested Baker's Waterproofing based on the recommendation of an old friend who has a great experience with the company. When the system design specialist came to his home for an inspection and quote, was very impressed with the inspection and thorough explanation, with the products and solutions he proposed, and with the warranty offered. The fact that Baker's is a reputable, local, family-owned and operated business that has been doing business in Tri-State area (PA, WV and OH) since 1975 gave John the assurance he needed to know that Baker's was the right company for the job. "When they did the job, they came in on Monday morning and finished the entire job by Thursday afternoon and everything was cleaned up. We started with a very wet basement. We haven't had a drop of water ever since. So we are very pleased!" - says John
John A. of Indiana, PA
In 2001 Wanda R. was shopping for a new house and found the perfect home for her family in Brownsville, PA , Or almost perfect. There were cracks on the wall, including a big one along the entire back foundation wall, and water in the basement.  Wanda would have walked away from that deal, and from the chance to own her dream home. Fortunately the real estate agent, the home inspector, and the structural engineer assisting her in the buying process explained that the problems in the basement could be easily fixed by the right company.They all recommended Baker's Basement Systems for the job and even though she could have researched other companies she decided to trust her sources and the company they so highly recommended. "It really saved me a lot of time and anxiety that I was able to trust those sources and not have to worry about that at that time when I was making so many other decisions." -- says Wanda. More than ten years after Baker's Waterproofing fixed the basement, it is still dry as a bone, and the structural engineer who was recently there for the periodic inspection informed that the foundation walls haven't moved at all since Baker's stabilized them with a wall anchor system. As for the overall experience with Baker's "Everything went seamlessly. For all those reasons I continue to recommend Bakers. "
Wanda R. of Brownsville, PA
Monday, May 4th
Florine M. 's home in McMurray, PA had a large and very wet basement, where mold and musty smells were becoming a huge issue. She called five different companies looking for a solution for these problems. Among them was Baker's Waterproofing, which came highly recommended by several of her neighbors who had used their services in the past. After looking at all their options, Florine chose Baker's Waterproofing for a number of very good reasons. She was very impressed by with the patented WaterGuard interior drainage system, which looked like a fairly superior alternative to the generic corrugated fabric offered by the other companies. Bakers is the exclusive dealer and installer for the WaterGuard System in the region. The system designer specialist who came to her house, was very thorough in his inspection and took the time to explain the causes of the problem, develop a customized solution to fit her needs and budget, and design a plan letting her know exactly what to expect before, during and after the job was completed. "I would recommend Baker's because of the professionalism, because of the products that they use, and I feel that the lifetime warranty that goes with me and goes with the next owner of my home, I thought those are all good, beneficial reasons why my neighbors or my friend should chose Baker." concludes Florine.
Florine M. of McMurray, PA
Tuesday, January 6th
After many years struggling with basement water intrusion problems in his Shaler, PA home, Tim D. decided to call Bakers Waterproofing for help.  The french drain installed outside the house wasn't working and after every rain storm, water will appear in several areas of the basement. A basement Tim hoped he could use some day. He had gotten proposals from five other companies in the area, but Bakers Waterproofing was the only one presenting a solution that made sense to him. Tim says he would recommend Bakers Waterproofing to a friend or family member for three reasons: the no-pressure sales process, the superior quality of the WaterGuard drainage system in comparison with what was being offered by the competition, and the professionalism of the installers, who arrived timely, took great care of his property, and delivered on time.
Tim D. of Shaler, PA
The driveway on Bob M.'s Murrysville, PA home was so uneven, and the gaps between the slabs so wide he was afraid that the guests in an upcoming graduation party would trip and fall on them. Fortunately, Bakers Waterproofing had the driveway repaired just in time for the party. In this video Bob talks about the project and the results, "When the job was complete, I was very happy and impressed with the way it looked", says Bob.
Bob M. of Murrysville, PA
Monday, November 18th
Kathi D., from Eighty Four, PA chose Baker's Waterproofing to fix the water seepage problems in her basement because they came highly recommended by her parents and some of her neighbors. In this video, she talks about the experience she had with the company and the results after the project was completed. "Now when it rains I just say, bring it on! Because I don't worry about it anymore. I have not had a drop of water in the house since!" says Kathi D.
Kathi D. of Eighty Four, PA
Monday, November 18th
The Valentics have been close friends of the Baker family for years, so when Marty and Jennifer discovered a wet basement in their Washington home and, later, an uneven driveway at their current home in Venetia, they knew who to call. "This changed our home for the better, because we were able to finish the game room. When we sold the house a few years later, that was one of the big selling points. We added a lot of livable square footage that, prior to us having Brian come out and the company doing the work, would've been unusable space." "For the home we live in now, we were worried with the settling sidewalk outside of our front door and the uneven driveway. The leveling process seemed very complicated, but after the guys did it, seemed relatively simple. I feel more comfortable with the kids playing basketball out on the driveway, because I know they won't sprain their ankles."
Martin & Jennifer V. of Venetia, PA
Monday, March 5th
Marty & Jen V. used Baker's Waterproofing services a few years before, to waterproof the basement in their former home. That is why when the driveway and sidewalk in their new home in Venetia, PA started to show signs of sinking, they knew just who to call. In this video they talk about the concrete lifting and leveling process and the results."I feel more comfortable with the kids playing basketball on the driveway because I know they will not sprain their ankle because all the pads are leveled," says Marty.
Marty & Jen V. of Venetia, PA
Monday, November 25th
Before hiring a waterproofing company, Kathy H. from Mount Lebanon, PA tried DIY tactics, sealing the basement with waterproofing paint. As as we all know, waterproofing paint is, at best, only a temporary solution. After many flooding episodes, she decided to call Baker's Waterproofing for a permanent solution. And she is glad she did. After the system was installed, the basement has remained dry, even through very heavy rainstorms. "We're just so pleased that this seems to have solved the problem! I would really recommend Baker's Waterproofing in a heartbeat."
Kathy H. of Mount Lebanon, PA
Monday, January 6th
Bill had been experiencing basement water problems for years. He tried everything he could to fix the issue from re-grading to installing an external French drain. It worked for a while, until water made it through his foundation yet again, and he grew tired of it. That is when he hired Baker's Waterproofing. We completed the work in June 2000, and as of 2018 he is still enjoying a dry basement!
Bill M. of Washington, PA
Wednesday, June 20th
Tom M. is a Baker's Waterproofing advisor. When the basement of his recently purchased Canonsburg, PA home began to leak, he knew just who to call. Tom has been with us for a number of years, and is very familiar with our waterproofing systems, being one of the professionals who custom design waterproofing solutions for our customers. That is how he knew he couldn't have any other system installed in his own basement. "We chose Baker's Waterproofing primarily not because I work for them, but because we are the best in what we do. It is the best company I've worked for and I knew they would do the job right," says Tom.
Tom M. of Canonsburg, PA
Monday, October 21st
Dave Cain and his crew were perfect examples of Baker's employees...the kind of people you want in your house...friendly, kind, "get to your work and get it done right" people. They got the work done in a timely way and left the basement probably cleaner than they found it. Over the years I have told people about Baker's and especially how capable and nice the employees are. Thank you for doing a wonderful job for us. You are the best.
Mara W. of Wellsburg, WV
Monday, April 9th
I was impressed-Jon and Mike were very prompt. They were good about protecting our floors and cleaning up after themselves. They did a nice job at install-clean, neat and professional job. They were helpful and answered my questions. They kept working without taking breaks and I don't know if they even ate lunch! If they did it was not a long break. You don't see that don't see that often. They took pride in their work.
Gary S. of Friedens, PA
Wednesday, January 16th
Very pleasant to talk too! Explained all my options. Came to the house ready to work. Loved them. If I lived near by, we would be hanging out!!
Brian S. of Windber, PA
Thursday, March 26th
Excellent company! I would recommend this company to anyone looking for repairs. David Allen and his crew displayed a professional work ethic...the job was completed in a quick manner with positive results. I don't know what these hard working men make, but I should hope it's alot! My 78 year old (hard to impress) Marine father was at the residence while they working and I quote, In this day and age, I commend anyone that works as hard as they did, even in the mud and rain. If the crew and installation are a representation of the quality product your company is supplying, then I have no doubts that it will last a lifetime. Thank you!
Teresa I. of Stahlstown, PA
Thursday, December 3rd
Joe was very courteous, helpful and explained information to me carefully. Explained everything thoroughly!
Wanelia H. of Kingwood , WV
On May 11 and 12 your crew installed one of your waterproofing systems in my basement. Both workers were most courteous and worked to complete the job in two days. Thank you for your service.
Sandi G. of Ligonier, PA
Friday, October 7th
Drew and Gavin finished our basement waterproofing job! They were so easy to work with and did an excellent job! I highly recommend them!!!!
Patty G. of Elkins, WV
Wednesday, November 6th
I was very pleased and impressed with the results of the work that was done. The men were very professional and nice! They worked so hard! I definitely will recommend this company anytime! Thank you!!!
Joe M. of Chalk Hill, PA
Wednesday, January 15th
Jesse, our salesman, was very kind, polite and professional, which is why I think he made the sell to me and my husband. We told him how much water we were getting and he seemed like he genuinely cared and wanted the problem to be fixed. He explained about your interior waterproofing system using a French drain and sump pump. My brother had a similar problem and had it “fixed” from the outside which required a lot of messy excavation and it was a lot more expensive. I was happy we went with your less expensive and more reliable system!  
Debbie M. of Hopwood, PA
Monday, February 6th
My husband I wanted to send you a note expressing our satisfaction with the waterproofing job your company informed on our basement. Since the work was completed, we have had absolutely no further problem with water in the basement. We have been able to utilize the space, adding carpets and wooden fixtures. In addition to the quality of work, we were also impressed with the courtesy and efficiency of your crew. they did their best to make a difficult, noisy, and debris generating job as unobtrusive as possible.  It is not often that we can send letters of sppreciation to vendors thses days, but we are happy to be able to send you this note.
Sandy & Eddy B. of Arthurdale, WV
Your employee Brian was most accommodating. He took the time to explain the problem and corrected it.  It was refreshing to have someone who actually cared, and knows that the customer is important. Employees like Brian are an asset to your company. He was so very kind and knowledgeable. The biggest thing was that he addressed all of my concerns. He was patient throughout the process, and he is an asset to Baker's. Brian gives Baker's a great image!  
Coleen J. of Connellsville, PA
Monday, June 11th
I would like to thank Mark Luba and Ada Goroncy for all of their help in getting my project completed. The Installer and Foreman did a real good job. Kept me informed on what he was doing and made sure I was satisfied. Thanks again to all.
David D. of Lemont Furnace, PA
Thursday, April 2nd
Your crew on the foundation support project made every reasonable effort to control the amount of mess and to avoid unnescessary household disruption.  The purpose of this note is to tell you of our satisfaction and give them credit for their conscientious work.
Robert B. of Mt. Pleasant, PA
Friday, July 13th
Testimonial Photo by Mike and Nancy D.
We are very happy with the work done in our home to solve our water problem!
Mike and Nancy D. of Mt Pleasant, PA
Friday, December 15th
I want to express my thanks for the installation performed on my house in Latrobe. Rich and Cliff completed 3 digs (under 2 contracts) in 2 days. I found them to be very good workers, knowledgeable in what they do, conscientious with detail, and very professional both with their customer and between themselves while on a customer site. I'm very pleased with the work they performed and would gladly have them back. It was a pleasure doing business with Bakers and all parties involved; including the office staff.
Rick F. of Latrobe, PA
Monday, February 4th
Jon Mitchell and his crew at Bakers Waterproofing did an amazing job. Very productive and professional. They did the job much faster and better than I would have expected!! Would recommend these guys for sure!!
Justin S. of Belington, WV
Thursday, March 26th
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