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Rainy Weather Leads to a Busy Season at Baker's Waterproofing

It is necessary to schedule home repair projects sooner rather than later, and even with the busy season at Baker's Waterproofing, we recommend setting a date for the project. We trust and believe in our solutions, and hope that homeowners understand why Baker's Waterproofing is worth the wait.

Bentleyville, PA - August 30, 2018

This year, we have been experiencing an endless amount of rainfall. This has led to concerning water leakage problems in homes all over the Tri-state area. This weather has our team members here at Baker’s Waterproofing working non-stop to help restore homeowners’ peace of mind.

Whether homeowners have had the water issue for several years, or are just now identifying the problem, they all need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

In the past few years, our company has been undergoing a period of rapid growth. We are preparing to take big leaps towards our expansion efforts. Recently, we built a new facility to accommodate for specific storage needs for our state-of-the-art polyurethane formula. (This is our lightweight, high-density slab solution that lifts and levels sinking concrete.)

Our entire staff strives to create the best possible customer experiences every step of the way, from speaking with our Customer Service Representatives to reviewing the inspection with our Service Advisors to discussing the installation process with our Foremen. Although, with this rainy season, it has been a challenge at Baker’s Waterproofing to meet everyone’s project timeline.

With that being said, our Customer Service Representatives are scheduling hundreds of free estimates for homeowners every week. We have 19 Service Advisors and 15 crews out in the field, and there is a good chance we are in or around your neighborhood on any given day. On a weekly basis, each Service Advisor inspects about 11 homes and each crew repairs 4 homes. That is over 200 free inspections and 60 repair projects that Baker’s Waterproofing completes EVERY WEEK.

Service Advisor Free Home Inspection

Even in this busy season, our processes haven’t changed. Our Service Advisors still want to design a bid on the day of the inspection, because we know that we have the best long-term, warrantied solution that homeowners can trust.

 Address Signs of a Failing Foundation

It is important to be proactive if you are dealing with water or structural issues in your home. The water problem you may have today has the potential to lead to structural issues in the future. In fact, foundation leaks often go hand-in-hand with leaning, cracking basement walls.

Bowing, Cracking Block Foundation Wall

At Baker’s Waterproofing, we encounter numerous cases where basement water problems have led to more serious structural damage in a home. Fortunately, our Service Advisors can design more than one bid on the day of the inspection for various repair needs. If you are unsure of the cause of the problem, why it needs to be addressed, and the best way to fix it, Baker’s Waterproofing can help you.

We believe that we are the right contractor to service your home. That is why we want to meet with you and schedule your home repair project as soon as possible, even if that means waiting longer than you anticipated. We have installed thousands of waterproofing systems since 1975, and we have the happy homeowners to prove that Baker’s is worth the wait.

Keep in mind that not all leaks or cracks are cause for concern.

That is why we want to inspect every home and send you a free informational book about the science behind the problem before the inspection. Know that it is the Service Advisor’s job to identify the source of the problem and recommend the best course of action for you and your home.

 We Believe a Baker’s Waterproofing System is Worth the Wait

Whether you are aware of what repair work may be necessary or not, you can rest assured that our Service Advisors will design a custom long-term solution that works for you.

It is absolutely necessary to schedule home repair projects sooner rather than later, and even with the busy season at Baker’s Waterproofing, we recommend setting a date for the project. We trust and believe in our solutions, and hope that homeowners understand why Baker’s Waterproofing is worth the wait.

About Baker’s Waterproofing & Foundation RepairBaker’s Waterproofing & Foundation Repair is based in Bentleyville, PA, just 10 miles east of Washington, PA. The family-owned and operated business has been restoring peace of mind to homeowners with proven solutions since 1975. Our solutions include waterproofing, foundation settlement repair, bowed wall repair, concrete leveling and repair, and crawl space repair within a 100-mile radius around our facility. Their motto, “Strong Reputation, Solid Foundation,” precedes itself. Over the years, they have grown to be one of the largest and most trusted waterproofing and foundation repair companies in the country. To get your free estimate contact us today!

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Mallory is the Marketing Manager. She is responsible for creating educational content to help homeowners identify potential water, foundation, or concrete problems.

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