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Friday, April 3rd, 2020 by Mallory Finch



Curious to know what homeowners are saying about our team and home repair services at Baker's Waterproofing?


Hear directly from our customers!


Take a quick look at these video testimonials, so you can make an informed decision on your next basement waterproofing or foundation repair project.



Hear from Ann and Scott in Burgettstown, PA


Ann and Scott started noticing water and a moldy smell in their storage room, which was after they recently remodeled. That's when they started to do their research. Scott was thrilled that we could do waterproofing on the inside of the house, so they wouldn't have to worry about re-landscaping their plants and trees. Since the system was installed, Ann and Scott said they have already seen a huge difference in their basement!



Hear from Kathy in Mt. Lebanon, PA



Before hiring a waterproofing company, Kathy H. from Mount Lebanon, PA tried DIY tactics, sealing the basement with waterproofing paint. As as we all know, waterproofing paint is, at best, only a temporary solution. After many flooding episodes, she decided to call Baker's Waterproofing for a permanent solution. And she is glad she did. After the system was installed, the basement has remained dry, even through very heavy rainstorms. "We're just so pleased that this seems to have solved the problem! I would really recommend Baker's Waterproofing in a heartbeat."



Hear from Jen and Marty in Venetia, PA



Marty & Jen V. used Baker's Waterproofing services a few years before, to waterproof the basement in their former home. That is why when the driveway and sidewalk in their new home in Venetia, PA started to show signs of sinking, they knew just who to call. In this video they talk about the concrete lifting and leveling process and the results. "I feel more comfortable with the kids playing basketball on the driveway because I know they will not sprain their ankle because all the pads are leveled", says Marty.



Hear from Krista, a local real estate professional in McMurray, PA



Krista Sipos from McMurray, PA is a Real Estate Agent in the Pittsburgh, PA area. For over 10 years, Krista has been referring her clients to Baker's Waterproofing for all their basement waterproofing and foundation repair needs. The reason why she likes to work with Baker's is that they are very thorough in their inspections, they explain to the sellers exactly what the problem is and how it will be solved, while providing a wealth of information and a Free Written Estimate. Clients are always quite happy with the results after the job is done, and especially happy with the Transferable Lifetime Warranty provided, which covers them and every future owner of the property. "Baker's always comes through!," says Krista.



Hear from Kirk in Morgantown, West Virginia



Kirk H. from Morgantown, WV had tried every DIY approach to keep water from seeping into his basement, including painting the walls with waterproofing sealant. Nothing worked. Then a friend of his who is also a realtor recommended Baker's Waterproofing. In this video, Kirk talks about the service provided by Baker's and the results. "The system is really good. The biggest thing is that even though we had some big rains storms it's been dry in the basement."



Hear from Bill in Washington, PA, a long-time customer from 2000



Bill originally tried DIY tactics to grade the earth away from the foundation to get rid of water issues. Then, he tried installing a french drain on the outside of his foundation. That worked...for a while. They put up with the on-going foundation water issue for 20 years, then they finally decided to call the experts. Now, the basement has been a dry and usable space for these past 20 years. Bill said, "I have a lifetime warranty that I'll never get any water in my basement. And if I sell my house, it's transferred to the next person for 25 years after that." His last remark is, "If you're having problems, get it done."



We are grateful for our loyal customers and their kind words about our team.


These are just a few of our happy customers. We've been in business for over 45 years, and we continue to help over 25,000 happy homeowners in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.


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Now you know why thousands of homeowners continue to choose Baker's Waterproofing for their home repair solutions. And we hope you do too!


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