2019 Contractor Nation Convention in Connecticut

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019 by Mallory Finch

Convention 2019


CN Live 2019

A few of our team members at Baker's Waterproofing attended CN Live 2019 for the annual [Contractor Nation] convention held in Hartford, Connecticut.

This year, 17 employees were hand-picked from different departments including production, sales, marketing, management, operations, and service.

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We drove the long trip to Hartford, Connecticut to meet hundreds of other Contractor Nation members from across the U.S. and Canada.

With over 1,000 attendees, this convention is one that cannot be forgotten!

CN Live Day One

On day one of three, we attended the annual awards dinner.

Across the Contractor Nation network, we achieved the Top 7 Basement Systems Dealer Award. Basement Systems is our basement waterproofing supplier. And we have worked hard over the last few years to move into the Top 10 position.

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Later that night, we heard from speaker and World Champion Adventure Racer, Robyn Benincasa. Robyn shared her most difficult obstacles that her team encountered through adventure racing. (That was the first we've heard of this sport, which is essentially racing in the unmarked wilderness!)

Robyn stressed the importance of working as one team and working smarter. She encouraged our CN team members to reach for our most "ludicrous" goals.

Brian and Cara Baker took advantage of the meet and greet with Robyn Benincasa!

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CN Live Day Two

On day two, we started the day early. All Contractor Nation members met in the convention center for a general session.

Larry Janesky, Founder of the Contractor Nation network, Mike Delmolino, President of Contractor Nation, and other members shared new developments in our industry, innovated products, and additions to the network which continue to change and improve our businesses.

In turn, we have new and refined tools to help homeowners and their families across North America get the dry and stable homes they need.

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After the general session, we had the privilege to hear from the founders of The Corps Group and former United States Marine Corps fighter pilots, John "Hatch" Borneman and Kyle "Cruiser" Howlin. Hatch and Cruiser talked to our group about their training, leadership development, and strategic execution experience.

They shared the meticulous process of how they consistently build and maintain high-performing teams.

The process must be thorough and consistent to ensure fighter pilot missions go as planned.

These fighter pilots meet to review each and every mission to find potential gaps in the plan, and come equipped with the assets to assist. Afterwards, they debrief those missions to see how they can improve. If anything did not go as planned, they count on their teammates to take personal responsibility for their error.

"Trust is gained by doing what you said you're going to do." -Hatch

With experience as both former fighter pilots and entrepreneurs in The Corps Group, Hatch and Cruiser were outstanding speakers on the topic of execution for any business.

The CN Live guest speakers this year had valuable lessons and tools to equip our dealers and make it easy to implement change.

Community Service

After our general session, each department split up for the individual forums.

And that night, we got together for the Impact Award Ceremony.

This year, every dealer across the country was challenged to take part in one impactful community service project.

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This year, our team at Baker's came across a family in need of over $17,000 worth of basement waterproofing and wall repairs. We had a team of over 20 people that volunteered to fix up that family's home.

It was wonderful to see the dozens of dealers that participated to help improve their local communities.

CN Live Day Three

On day three, we all jumped on shuttles to head to the Basement Systems headquarters.

At this 9-building campus, over 1,000 people traveled from building to building for breakout classes all day. These classes were department specific.

We gathered new information and resources that we can execute at our local businesses!

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Here are some takeaways from our team members at Baker's Waterproofing:


"You get what you demand or tolerate," Christina, Director of Training and Development shared that leading is about continuous improvement on processes and developing high performing teams.

Focusing on one initiative as a team is the goal. "Keep employees motivated to create a ripple effect of improvements that are all reaching towards the end goal." -Cara, Office Manager


Marketing Manager, Mallory, had a great time meeting new people from across the country. We're finding unique ways to raise brand awareness with Contractor Nation's new advertising tools, so homeowners know we are here to help with our home repair solutions. Building trust with each other and with our customers is everything!


Matt, Installation Manager, experienced his first CN Live, along with a few other newcomers in our group. Matt enjoyed learning about the large scope of our network and seeing how friendly everyone was during these 3 days.

Mark, VP Concrete Division, attended unique breakout classes. He learned the importance of being open to the diversity of thought among team members. "Own your department," he reiterated the value in debriefing on projects and performance to help instill a sense of personal responsibility.

Our Production Trainer Tom shares, "If you take time to remove obstacles, you will ease the flow of every day processes."


Brad, Operations Center Manager, enjoyed his first trip to Hartford for CN Live 2019. The sessions and classes concentrated on the customer, which will help us to provide even better customer experiences down the line.


Sales Manager Orris always finds value attending the inspirational classes offered at convention. He is already implementing new methods to help his advisors out in the field. His goal is to better equip his team, and he is always learning new and effective ways to do just that!

President and 2nd-Generation Owner

The Owner of Baker's Waterproofing, Brian Baker, was happy with our team's CN Live experience.

We continue to make improvements year over year, which helps us deliver exceptional service to homeowners in our market.

Brian (and our team of 85 employees) was thrilled to be the Top 7 dealer across North America. This achievement confirms that we are excelling in the basement waterproofing industry among hundreds of other companies.

We've been in business for over 44 years and have fixed and protected over 25,000 homes in the Tri-state area!

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Brian shared, "Consistency is key, it should not just be when you have time."

The reason we can provide excellent service, exceed expectations, and truly believe in our systems and our work is because we make the time to improve on a daily basis.

It relates back to our mission:

"To be a team of leaders, constantly seeking improvement to serve others and exceed their expectations."

CN Live Celebration

We ended our remarkable 3-day experience at CN Live with a party to celebrate our 2019 accomplishments.

The theme was tailgating. And as the only Basement Systems dealer in the greater Pittsburgh area, we proudly represented our city!

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Here's to yet another successful year ahead!


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