How Our Cutting-Edge, Trusted Solution Will Add Value to Your Home [New Product]

Monday, July 16th, 2018 by Jacob Braddick and Mallory Finch

What You Will Learn:

  • Information about the new concrete repair product
  • Product integration in the company
  • Disadvantages of unprotected concrete
  • Why it is the best solution
  • Overview of installation steps

Our New Product & How We Integrated it at Baker's Waterproofing

Every Monday morning, our Production Manager and Production Trainer & Company Mentor holds a meeting with our 14 crews. At the first meeting in July, Gary Whipkey and Tom Eckersley rolled out our latest and best, SealantPro.

SealantPro Banner

SealantPro™ slab solution is the cutting-edge product from Baker's Waterproofing. It permanently protects concrete with just one application and extends its life by 3-5 times. Developed by our vendor Supportworks, SealantPro is a state-of-the-art material that bonds with concrete on a molecular level. It is simple, fast, economical and extremely effective.

During the product introduction, the crews watched the installation video created by the experts at Supportworks. The video explained a brief overview of the product, product list and tools, responsibilities, in-depth instructions on the installation process, and best practices. The crews gained a full understanding on why homeowners would want the solution and how it can benefit them in the long run.

Later that day, our Sales Manager, Orris Johnson, held a similar meeting for our 19 Certified Waterproofing, Foundation Repair, and Concrete Repair Specialists. Orris explained who our ideal customer is and why homeowners will find value in our new product.

These Service Advisors received new product knowledge, an overview of the installation process, how it fits in with our concrete repair services, and proper methods on how to offer SealantPro in the field. Orris demonstrated how to access SealantPro resources in our customer-centric, solution-specific software tool. Our Certified Specialists also reviewed frequently asked questions such as length of a job, typical costs, and project requirements.

Today, our managers continue to provide cross-functional integration of SealantPro to ensure new product success.

Why We Added SealantPro

Dealers in our shared network have been successfully installing this solution since our vendor, Supportworks, rolled it out last year. Local dealers install SealantPro for the homeowners that want to prevent their concrete from pitting, spalling, and erosion. Here at Baker's Waterproofing, we feel confident in our new product because it is a permanent solution that will extend the life of various concrete surfaces. It is a simple way for homeowners to prevent future surface damage. Another notable advantage, SealantPro fits right in with our other concrete repair services.

Do You Need a Concrete Sealant?

Whether you've just built a brand-new home, updated your existing home with new concrete or just want to extend the life of your existing driveway, patio or sidewalk, it makes sense to protect your investment by protecting your concrete.

Without protection, your concrete will inevitably discolor, flake and crack. Below are a few examples of concrete that was exposed to surface damage:

1. Pitted Concrete Driveway

Pitted Driveway


2. Flaking Sidewalk

Flaking Concrete


3. Water Penetration Leading to Cracked Concrete

Cracked Concrete

These types of surface damage not only reduces the curb appeal and value of your home, it can also create potentially dangerous tripping hazards.

Why It's the Best Solution for Your Home

SealantPro is designed to protect your concrete from numerous nightmares that it could encounter such as moisture and salt. Throughout time, concrete will go through a substantial amount of damage, such as the continuous cycle of snow/ice buildup and melting. When these occur, concrete can deteriorate, causing spalling or erosion. SealantPro goes above and beyond the average concrete repair; this bonds directly with the concrete to ensure a PERMANENT barrier to help protect concrete surfaces.

Read on for a brief overview of the installation process.

There are a few simple steps that verify the proper setup and installation of SealantPro.

1. Deep Clean Surfaces

Concrete Sealant

The crew begins the installation by thoroughly cleaning the original concrete to remove any old dirt and grime, and open the pores of the concrete.


2. Spray SealantPro on the Concrete

Spray Concrete Sealant

After measuring and mixing the solution, the crew sprays the solution evenly over the concrete surface. As the crew sprays, they use a push broom every so often to ensure even coverage.


3. Clean Up the Area


The crew performs a final quality check of the work completed and removes all tools from the property.

By choosing SealantPro, you receive a lasting solution that you can trust has extended the life of your driveway, sidewalk, and patio. Feel free to reach out to us at 1-800-942-2942 if you believe that our concrete sealant may be the perfect solution for your home.

Our mission statement:

To be the industry leader that constantly seeks improvement to best serve our customers and exceed their expectations.

Here at Baker's Waterproofing, we stand by our mission and values. To name a few, product excellence, innovation, and unity are essential parts to our company's success. We provide products that are superior above all others in our industry, we believe innovation and vision are essential, and we work together as one unified team.

We value innovations that help homeowners in Western PA, Northern WV, and Eastern OH find a solution that will increase home value, improve safety of their home and its surroundings, and, ultimately, provide peace of mind that they have a lasting solution they can trust.

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