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Basement Waterproofing in Youngwood PA
In Youngwood PA a homeowner had 2 rooms in his unfinished basement that had substantial water infiltration along the foundation and from the floor. The homeowner wanted a...
Greensburg, PA Basement Addition Reclaimed from the Elements
This home located in Greensburg, Pennsylvania was experiencing water along the perimeter of the foundation walls and in the spare room located under the home's front porch....
Extreme Bowing Basement Wall Repair in Greensburg PA
In Greensburg, Pennsylvania the side wall of homeowner David’s house was bowing inward so severely that he was afraid that his wall might fall.
Wet Basement & Bowed Wall Repair in Greensburg, PA
A homeowner's son in Greensburg, PA reached out to our team to repair his mother's damp basement and unstable foundation walls. Two of the basement walls were leaning, cracking,...
Indiana, PA Garage Wall Repair
After just purchasing a home in Indiana PA, owner Aaron discovered that the home's garage was bowing and cracking. Anxious to utilize the garage, he reached out to Bakers...
Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing in Granville WV
A Granville WV homeowner had a 1 ½ inch bow streching along the front and left side of the block foundation in their unfinished basement. That area was also leaking...
Bowed Wall Repair in Dilliner, PA
In Dilliner, PA, a homeowner noticed some cracks along a foundation wall in her garage. She's lived in this home for about 28 years and has noticed an issue with this wall...
Water Intrusion in Grindstone, PA
Heath and Katie of Grindstone, PA had excessive dampness on the concrete floor and block foundation of their 21’x24’ finished basement. They called Baker’s...
Crumbling Crawl Space in Smithton, PA
Rhonda of Smithton PA has handed her childhood home over to her daughter who complained that the home’s crawl space had excessive moisture that needed to be addressed....
A Flemington WV homeowner had a 28’x25’ detached garage that had a measured bow to be 8” in the worst area. The homeowner voiced that he wanted the foundation...
Sunken Slabs Leveled in Jeannette, PA
A husband and wife noticed signs of slab settlement about 3 years after he built their home. Over the next 15 years, the problem got much worse. The gap between the sidewalk...
Fairmont Waterproofing Fix Up
A homeowner in Fairmont WV had Baker’s out to repair their bowing foundation with the installation of PowerBraces. Now water was the issue, and need a solution fast...
French Drain Solution in Fairmont
A homeowner of Fairmont WV was desperate to keep water from destroying the entrance to his home. Homeowner Allen called and had Service Advisor Michael work up an install...
Iron Ochre Basement Makeover in Fairmont, WV
The potential buyer of this Fairmont West Virginia home had more than closing cost concerns to alarm him prior to making an offer.  This gorgeous listing had a hideous...
Bowing Basement Walls in Fairmont, WV
After recently purchasing a home in Fairmont WV homeowner Stephanie called Baker’s after seeing that the side and rear block foundation walls were bulging inwardly with...
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